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Using Blockchain Technology In Healthcare — Hometown Station | KHTS FM 98.1 & AM 1220 —

Blockchain technology is one of the most significant breakthroughs of the twenty-first century. It improves operational and regulatory verification efficiency and improves tractability and visibility throughout various sectors’ supply chains.

The term “blockchain” refers to distributed ledger technology (DLT), which has caught the minds and wallets of financial organizations. A blockchain is a decentralized, continually increasing collection of data known as ‘blocks’ connected in the chain by a process known as mining. This method converts pending transactions into a mathematical problem.

Blockchain technology has been chiefly utilized for cryptocurrencies and financial transactions. However, other businesses, such as entertainment, manufacturing, and healthcare, are embracing blockchain technology to reap the benefits of increased security and anonymity.

What are the advantages of using blockchain?

  • DLT may be used in various healthcare settings, although not every healthcare activity gets tied to transactions. However, because the data in public blockchains are readily available, people cannot utilize them to store sensitive information such as identifiable health data.
  • Second, while blockchain technology provides built-in security against some sorts of attacks, it is vulnerable to others. As a result, information security must get prioritized, mainly when employed in healthcare.
  • Because blockchain data is unchangeable, people should not utilize it indiscriminately in healthcare. Large files or those that change often may get excluded. People should keep off all personally identifiable information in the chain.

Blockchain usages in healthcare: 

  • Financial records: The most severe problems in healthcare billing are billing mistakes and fraud. Blockchain can assist in addressing these challenges by maintaining decentralized records, facilitating payment processing, and avoiding counterfeit transactions. Smart contracts are self-executing contracts that exist over a distributed decentralized blockchain network and have the parameters of the agreement between buyer and seller explicitly put into lines of code. A smart contract has a unique address on the blockchain and lives in a specified location. Blockchain can benefit insurance firms by providing transparent information about transactions and instilling confidence. http:/ can also enhance claims processing by accepting input from several sources without interfering with any data. A blockchain architecture can provide a dependable medical insurance storage solution. It ensures the primitiveness of recorded data while also providing consumers with high credibility.
    • Helping in clinical trials: Clinical trials, a means of assessing a new drug’s efficacy in a controlled setting, generate massive amounts of data. The process is costly, takes many years to complete, and is not without fraud. It is critical to have a transparent method that allows anybody to access clinical records and guarantee that the study findings are not tampered with. Blockchain can be a fantastic tool for facilitating clinical trials by ensuring data integrity, but authorities must validate the legitimacy of the papers. The dispersed network guarantees that no data get altered without authorization.
  • Public health concerns: The COVID-19 epidemic underlined the need for population health data, roughly defined as information on distinct groups of people’s health outcomes. Population health, or the study of large groups of people’s health outcomes, is becoming a valuable and widely used tool to treat widespread health issues, promote good health habits, and discourage drug and alcohol misuse. With the aid of distributed ledger technology, the blockchain actively fosters collaboration among the numerous parties involved and facilitates deep insights into critical healthcare trends.
  • Helping in organ transplant: Another area where blockchain is revolutionising the healthcare profession is organ transplantation. Transplanting organs is a complicated procedure. Organs degrade fast, and someone with a matching blood type must donate organs. Organtree can use blockchain to enhance the number of matches and make transplants much faster and easier than previously.


Blockchain technology is constantly evolving rather than being finished. It faces several potential issues that blockchain must overcome before being used in biological and healthcare applications. Transparency and secrecy are essential aspects of the task. On a blockchain network, everyone can see everything. Many people feel that blockchain technology can transform medicine and other fields, but there is no proof to support these claims. What we need is not rosy predictions but a real-world example that demonstrates the potential of blockchain technology.

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